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Net Weight : 30 ml

SDTL® Deep-Hydrating


SDTL® Deep-Hydrating Mist contains natural SDTL® small plant biomolecules which is suitable for all skin types. It can directly solve the root cause of skin dryness and skin peeling, thoroughly hydrate and brighten skin, calm, soothe and soften sensitive skin, and thus nurture in a truly nourished and healthy skin.

It can be used anytime, anywhere for instant hydrating, and could be used as moisturizing hair mist.

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Purified Water, Rosa Extract, Carrot Extract, Olive Polyphenols, Oryzanol, Linoleic Acid

Main Ingredients: Oryzanol - Extracted from cereal oils, oryzanol has nourishing and moisturizing effects which can improve the circulation of micro-vessels, improve skin health and prevent dryness. Oryzanol itself is an antioxidant and its antioxidizing properties are 4 times that of vitamin E. It protects cells from the attack of free radicals, delays skin ageing, and absorbs harmful UV rays to protect the skin.

✽ All Pure, Natural and Wholesome Ingredients only.

✽ No Sythetic Chemicals, Coloring or Fragrances.

✽ No Animal Derived Ingredients or Animal Testing.

Dry skin, itching, peeling, sensitive skin, dry hair, hair loss.

Deep hydration, moisturizing, reducing dryness, delaying ageing, protecting skin and hair.

Please read entire leaflet before use. Can be used daily or as often as needed.

1) Shake it well before use to activate small biomolecules to release fresh energy.

2) Keep eyes closed, spray 5 cm away from the skin or hair.

3) Then press gently.

Storage :

Please store in cool and dry place without direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.

Warning :

● Do not use after opened for 3 months.

● Keep away from Children.

● Shake well before use, the precipitation in the vial is a normal phenomenon.

● If skin is subject to allergic reactions, please stop using and consult physician if needed.

● Avoid contact with eyes. If it does, please rinse immediately with water and consult physician if needed.

● For external use only.