Net Weight : 50 g

SDTL® Energy Cube®


After years of research, the SDTL® R & D team has successfully developed a technology to lock the small plant polyphenol molecules within this Energy Cube®. Using polyphenol rich Mediterranean olives, the Energy Cube® releases powerful anti-oxidant property upon contact with water, penetrating the skin to reach the cells core to perform their reparatory functions. The result is noticeable and lasting skin improvement and glow originating from within.

Technologically demanding to produce, SDTL® Energy Cube® are made in small quantities and therefore extremely rare. They are specially made for those who seek a natural, simple, exquisite and healthy lifestyle.

SDTL® Energy Cube® cleanse your skin as well as supply the necessary nutrients for cell repair, increasing vitality, combating fatigue, reducing edema, tightening and whitening skin, soothing wrinkles, calming redness. It can also be used for deep cleansing of scalp for follicle repair and healthy-looking hair.


HKD $2800.00

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Sodium olivate、Sodium cocoate、Sodium palmitate、Omega-3、Vitamin E、Squalene、Hydroxytyrosol、Tyrosol、Oleuropein、Vitamin K

All ingredients with EU certified natural organic plants extract. SGS tested with no heavy metals and toxic elements, microbial contamination, methanol and free formaldehyde. Free from pesticides, hormones, steroids, drugs and artificial chemicals. Not tested on animals.

Main causes of skin ageing

Ultraviolet from the sun and free radicals of the environment damage skin cells, leading to skin ageing problems such as wrinkles, accumulation of melanin (black pigments), skin inflammation and skin dryness.

SDTL® Energy Cube® skin rejuvenation effects

SDTL® Energy Cube® has clinically proven by renowned French Dermscan Laboratoire to have cell repairing and anti-ageing functions which includes to have whitening, reducing redness, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and deep moisturization effects on the skin in just 7 days.

Main causes of eczema

The skin of eczema patients are dry and may even crack, making external allergens (e.g. chemicals) easier to penetrate through the skin to stimulate immune cells in the long term and lead to inflammation.

SDTL® Energy Cube® reduces redness and inflammation

SDTL® Energy Cube® can alleviate allergy by reducing redness and inflammation of the skin. It can also deeply moisturize the skin to prevent cracks and dryness, reducing the penetration of external allergens into the skin.

Main causes of hair loss

There are two main direct causes of hair follicle destruction and worsening of hair quality: 1. The effects of hormone changes lead to inflammation of hair follicles 2. Malnutrition.

SDTL® Energy Cube® reduces redness, inflammation and provides continuous flow of nutrition

SDTL® Energy Cube® can reduce redness and inflammation of hair follicles. It can also provide continuous flow of nutrition for repairing and activating hair follicles to grow new healthy hair.