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Net Weight : 30 ml

SDTL® Smooth Breathing


SDTL® Smooth Breathing Mist is a homeopathic combination of herbal extracts that work synergistically to relieve nasal congestion, nasal dryness and nasal allergic symptoms. The simple spray design is convenient, it is effective to apply around the nose area directly.


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Purified Water, Daucus Carota Extract, Rosa Rugosa Extract, Boswellia Sacra Extract, Olea Europaea Polyphenol

Main Ingredient: Boswellia Extract – The frankincense scent helps to calm emotions and relieve anxiety. In addition, it regulates blood circulation, soothes symptoms of respiratory discomfort such as nasal dryness, running nose nasal, itchy and dry throat, etc.

✽ All Pure, Natural and Wholesome ingredients only.

✽ No Sythetic Chemicals, Coloring or Fragrances.

✽ No Animal Derived Ingredients or Animal Testing.

Respiratory discomfort, nasal itching, nasal congestion.

Nourishing nasal cavity, soothing nasal sensation, smoothing respiratory tract, improving respiratory health.

Test Report for Using SDTL® Smooth Breathing Mist

* Data obtained from questionnaire results and NIOX VERO® fractional exhaled nitric oxide test done on 26 participants 45 minutes after using SDTL® Smooth Breathing Mist in December 2018.

# Among the participants, 18 had running nose, 16 had nasal congestion, 20 had sneezing, 19 had nasal itching, 17 had throat dryness and itching

After using SDTL® Smooth Breathing Mist for 45 minutes

*Nasal allergy symptoms were improved in 100% of the users

#Running nose was improved in 89% of the users

#Nasal congestion was improved in 81% of the users

# Sneezing was improved in 100% of the users

#Nasal itching was improved in 95% of the users

#Throat dryness and itching was improved in 76% of the users

*The fractional exhaled nitric oxide results of 69% of the users indicated an alleviation of nasal allergy inflammation within 45 minutes

Please read entire leaflet before use. Can be used daily or as often as needed.

1) Shake it well before use to activate small biomolecules to release fresh energy.

2) Keep eyes closed, spray 5 cm away from the noses.

3) Then press gently.

Storage :

Please store in cool dry place without direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.

Warning :

● Do not use after opened for 3 months.

● Keep away from children.

● Shake well before use, the precipitation in the vial is a normal phenomenon.

● If skin is subject to allergic reactions, please stop using and consult physician if needed.

● Avoid contact with eyes. If it does, please rinse immediately with water and consult physician if needed.

● For external use only.